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Tiger or Platypus

In my last post, Building a Creature (One Muscle at a Time), I talked about a creature simulator program that “evolves” such that the simulated creature moves in the most efficient way.  That got me to thinking how businesses evolve to their current state.

In nature, evolution is how a species adapts to be successful in its environment.  Evolution is a funny thing.  For every majestic lion, it creates an aardvark.  For every tiger, a platypus.  And when man tries to help things along, for every border collie, we get a pug.  No offense to pug lovers, but they are kind of ridiculous.  Or impossibly cute, depending on your point of view.

Close-up face of Cute pug puppy dog sleeping by chin and tongue lay down on laminate floor - istock.com/fongleon

Now, the evolved animal IS successful in its environment.  A pug is very successful at having its food and shelter needs met by pug lovers.

I do have another point here, and it relates to your business processes in general, contact centers in particular.

Has your contact center evolved to be a tiger or a platypus?  Because, most certainly, it got to where it is because of evolution.

A new program comes along.  A CRM migration.  An acquisition happens.  Services outsourced because of cost.  Services brought in house because of poor customer satisfaction.  A new social media initiative to hit the “millennials”  And, well, you get the idea.  All this needs to be absorbed while under the unrelenting cost and time pressures that go along with running a contact center.  And rarely do you have an opportunity to go back and see whether what you did still makes sense.

After a few years, you take a look, do you see THIS?

Tiger standing up in front of a white background. istock.com/GlobalP


Platypus on white - istock.com/Sander Hulberts

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