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Stock Photos and Too Many Elephants

Before putting this website together, I did a survey of other business sites and blogs.  The last time that I did this was about 5 years ago, and it’s striking how much more visual the web world has become.  Pages of text with the occasional picture won’t do anymore.

My daughter, who makes her living as a fantasy illustrator (Kim Sokol Illustration) pitched in on the website styling.  On the Services page, she used some animal pics as placeholders.  And, I got to liking it.

Because business stock photography feels pretty played out to me.  Much of stock business photography leans on the “professional in a suit with briefcase” trope that certainly doesn’t fit the biz/tech world I inhabit.  In the customer care/call center world, it’s always, ALWAYS pictures of young, attractive, smartly dressed people with headsets1.  In many of these pictures, you can tell that the agent really cares, since he/she is holding the microphone.  Here’s exhibit A:

Call center operators - iStock.com/Minerva Studio

The hunt started to find animal photos that could act as visual metaphors for the services.  No matter WHAT search term we put in, there was invariably a bunch of pictures with an elephant that had a guy in a suit photoshopped in.  Elephant and business guy chasing a clock.  Walking a tightrope.  Pushing woman on elephant across a post apocalyptic landscape (yes, really).  And in a blow for equality, this nightmarish mad science experiment gone wrong:

Concept image of a businesswoman with elephant head as a no nonsense boss.


Uh, why?

1Note:  I reserve the right to use headset people in future promotion, should it become necessary.

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