Shed hunting is still open year-round in the other 11 counties in Nevada. Shed hunting is a great off-season activity. Many aspects of elk hunting are relevant and pertain to elk shed hunting. What is shed hunting? Whitetail Deer shed hunting is a growing activity, there are many people now that will go on week-long, guided shed hunts. It may take longer, but you’ll get better results. Shed Hunting Tips and Tricks. News & Tips; Hunting; Deer Nation; Like 0. "A person shall not take or gather shed antlers from or on any public land located in Elko, Eureka, Lander, Lincoln, Nye or White Pine counties at any time from January 1 to April 30, inclusive." Make sure to check your state’s regulation to see when you are legally allowed to gather sheds., Ashby Studies Analysis – Part 1 by Eric Newman, Leupold BX-5 Santiam HD 15×56 Binoculars Review. Proven Benefits, Basic Tips for Hunting Shed Antlers The gently flowing creek was as cold as it was clear. The days are shorter, the weather is colder, and—unless you are waterfowl hunting—you’re likely waiting on the lull on the couch watching football or YouTube hunting videos, awaiting the 2020 big game seasons. 1. Tip #7 – Cherish The Moment. My dogs have found more though nose to the … 1. Use infrared-triggered trail-cameras to monitor antler shedding. More of an excuse to get my kids out of the house than anything, our “shed hunting” trip didn’t last long. March 9, 2018. Be sure that when you get into the field, particularly for the first season or two the time spent is merely an extension of your training. There are two basic parts of shed hunting: scouting and execution. Bedding areas can also be found in tall grasses, heavily wooded pockets of timber, and brushy thickets. If you lack experience in the world of shed hunting, sometimes you can feel overwhelmed when it comes to getting started. Always keep a solid light on why you’re actually shed hunting with kids. Shed Hunting Tips and Strategies. Just like training a gundog or bird dog, trainers don’t start out with birds but instead work their way up to them in order to ensure success. But I know going too early could screw up an area and push un-shed bucks to another property. One of my most important shed hunting tips, is that when you find a spot that has been hammered during the winter (prominent food source, bedding area, etc.) When it comes to shed hunting, timing is important for many reasons. But if your goal is to get outside during the springtime, to stretch your legs and shake off the cobwebs of winter, it’s tough to go wrong. However, on private grounds where there are a lot of squirrels, you should get out frequently. In winter, deer often shift from the areas they frequented in the fall to take advantage of changing food availability and winter cover. Shed Hunting: Tips and Tactics. This can be done in one of two ways. Shed hunting can be an exercise in frustration. Tips and Tricks for Shed Hunting: Scouting. Most important, if you haven’t already been out looking, it’s not too late. Joined Sep 25, 2009 Messages 7,856 Location Montana. Tips on Springtime Shed Hunting. It might seem like shed hunting is like searching for needles in a haystack. Don’t just put them up at the end of the hunting season. As with anything in life, the more you practice and the more time you put in, the better you will get. I'll never forget setting my eyes on that beautiful 3-point whitetail shed resting on the smooth gravel bar. Posted on January 25, 2018 by admin. The 10 Rules of Shed Hunting. 10. Just like hunting wild game, shed hunting can take a while to get used to, so be patient with yourself. These hunters are called as shed hunters. Shed hunting is a great way to keep your eye on the prize during the off season. Elk Shed Hunting . And once you find your first shed, you’ll realize you’ve learned a fair amount about wildlife and their habits. He offered plenty of shed hunting tips so I could get started. If you do not have any, I suggest the Bushnell® 10×42 All … Of course it can also help keep you from going stir-crazy waiting on the next hunting season. Founded by Joe Shead in 2006, Go Shed Hunting’s sole purpose is to help people find more sheds. It is possible to find very old antlers, and there will always be plenty of new ones on the ground to find. Have plenty of fun with the entire family and come home heavy on antlers. Don’t feel like you have to go on a guided hunt to find Whitetail Deer Sheds, because we will show you everything you need to know is here in this post with some free tips. Check out these shed hunting tips from expert shed hunter and author Joe Shead. While there are hunters who like to ride ATVs to cover more ground, this can make you lose a lot of antlers, not to mention that it will spook the wildlife and vehicles are not permitted on all grounds. Springtime Shed Hunting Tips By Tom Nelson The still frozen ground crunched beneath my feet as I walked yet another heavily used deer trail beat down with hoofed tracks. As such, it is very important to condition your eyes. Like our hunting trips in the fall, you don’t necessarily need to find a shed to make shed hunting enjoyable, … 1. Ultimate Elk Hunting Hype Video | Bone Collector . Once you’ve found the best place to shed hunt, you have to get out there and pick up antlers, which isn’t … Keep reading for the best shed hunting tips and tricks to put more brown gold in the bank this spring. Published in . Deer are constantly on the move, and travel corridors are the trails that lead away from the bedding areas to feeding and water locations. I may walk right by a shed because of the direction I’m going or because of the placement of the antler that would stick out like a … Not too far ahead at the terrain. March 7th has once again been declared a national holiday. While weather, temperature, deer activity, and hunting pressure may shift during throughout the season, limiting what deer sign is useful. First things first, ensure shed hunting is allowed in the area you intend to shed hunt before you start shed hunting. 1. Take advantage of this during shed season. I was six years old and my buddy and I were out searching for shed antlers. As hard as it is to wait, it’s best to make sure the bucks have dropped their … One of the most important tips to keep in mind when shed hunting is to not give up. However, most shed hunters are deer and big game hunters that use the locations of the shed antlers to gather valuable information about animal behavior. Shed hunting is a popular activity for hunters and non-hunters alike. This week, we hear from Sam Averett, a seasoned western hunter, who shares a few more detailed tips and tactics on the search for spring sheds. Observing deer sign and areas where you find sheds is extremely useful for next year’s bow hunting. A lot can change depending on when you’re looking. Deer like to lay on the south side of ridgesand wood edges to soak up the sun. If, like many of us, you get the “off-season blues,” a great way to extend your “hunting season” is by getting out this winter/spring and looking for signs and shed … In 2018, Nevada passed shed hunting regulations. It’s Time to Redefine What it Means to ‘Do Our Part’ as Hunters. These 30 shed hunting tips will enable you to get results by putting the odds in your favor in Maine. Check southern exposures. Shed antlers tell us a lot about whitetail bucks in an area including which bucks have made it through hunting season and the winter, and will be growing larger antlers over the summer. To be present with them, nature, and yourself. One of the most important Maine shed hunting tips is to make … Shed hunting is an important element of the deer hunting process that keeps going even after the season’s over. As surprising as it may sound, a single squirrel can eat up an entire shed in less than a week. The information, part of an article in QDMA’s Quality Whitetails magazine, included these useful tips for locating sheds: 1. 2. For early spring conditions, you should get hiking boots that are comfortable, waterproof, and breathable. Not only does it help you keep your fitness level up but provides information about bucks that survived the hunting season. Tip #1 … For most dogs, using their noses to find things is very natural, so it’s simply conditioning what a shed smells like and connecting that to the reward (for most, the reward is the retrieve). Scouting consists of finding where the deer are, whether that means finding a piece of ground where bucks a protected from hunting or observing migrating whitetail to see where they winter. You’ll also be competing with mice, squirrels, and other critters that eat sheds for their calcium. These 7 tips will help ensure that everyone will have the best experience! Deer and most other antler-bearing mammals will typically start to shed their antlers anywhere from mid-January to mid-March. … Hunting Shed Hunting Tips 02/18/2014 There are two basic parts of shed hunting: scouting and execution. Keep reading for the best shed hunting tips and tricks to put more brown gold in the bank this spring. However, most antler-bearing mammals in a specific geographic range will typically shed their antlers around the same window of time each year. I'll never forget setting my eyes on that beautiful 3-point whitetail shed resting on the smooth gravel bar. Share this article Photo credit: Cody Thompson. These hunters are experts in finding trails and have lots of … People are falling in love with the satisfying feeling of finding the hunter prize possession, the ANTLER! The Shed Hunting Pursuit: Shed Hunting Tips & Tricks There Is No Off-Season Lance Roberts, with Tines Up, was born and raised in Southern Utah, where he was surrounded by some of the best hunting and shed hunting in the state! I'm far from knowledged on the subject. General Hunting Topics, Tips and Strategies Guest User February 25, 2020 shed hunting, antler sheds, shed hunting tips, whitetail antler sheds Facebook 0 Twitter Pinterest 0 0 Likes Previous Get out Long after you’ve tagged your last set of antlers, you can still hunt deer by tracking down their sheds. Trails that go through heavy brush can also lead to great shed hunts because the brush pulls at the antlers as the deer or elk walk through. Shed hunting is a popular activity for hunters and non-hunters alike. The constant travel packs down the snow. Hunting. The one constant is that deer still need to sleep, travel, and eat. Observing deer sign and areas where you find sheds is extremely useful for next year’s bow hunting. To make things easier for … … The good news is that it also can become a truly memorable and wonderful thing to share with kids. There are many factors that influence when bucks will drop their antlers and it varies slightly from year to year. How cool is it that the species we respect and obsess over all year sheds its most defining feature? Sometimes being unsuccessful in a certain area doesn’t mean the sheds aren’t in there. Some of the tips are not widely known but can make a huge difference, so make sure to give this article a read if you have the time. I've only routed for a day of specific shed hunting a handful of times. I picked up some quality racks of bucks I’d seen the previous year, letting me know they had survived another hunting season. Shed hunting provides major clues about deer patterns and will give you a big advantage in the season ahead. Scout: Just like deer hunting, scouting is essential to shed hunting. It can be a mental, physical grind, and often it’s difficult to remember why in the hell you’re doing it—that is, if your only goal is to find antlers. Shed Hunting Tips By Team Banks | March 14, 2019. 02/18/2014. 1. These dropped antlers are commonly referred to as "sheds" or "shed antlers." The early March weather was typical for Michigan with the mercury hoovering in the low 40’s … Not only will your kids have fun, but their sharp eyes and a seemingly endless supply of energy might be exactly what you need to clean an area. Bedding areas are the spots where animals spend the largest portion of their day hiding from predators and resting. Latest. Many states, localities, wildlife management areas, etc. Once you do get to the point that your dog has the confidence and understanding that the shed shape and smell will equal something good (retrieve), you can begin to introduce the feel of the real thing. Photo | @jesserayanderson. When hunting on public grounds, you should schedule trips often so that you can be one step ahead of other hunters. If you are reading this, you are most likely a very serious deer hunter. It’s that time of the year again when the temperatures are heating up, snow is melting, and most hunters are suffering from a little bit of cabin fever. When Lessons Learned in the Wild Find Their Way into Regular Life . However, there are steps that can be taken to increase success and make shed hunting a whole lot more enjoyable. People go shed hunting for different reasons. Shed hunting is a perfect way to get outdoors and learn about the critters we all love to chase. Shed Hunting Tips and Tricks. Be sure you aren't too early. Shed Hunting Tips. … Once you get discouraged, your mind starts drifting to other things and the chances of you finding antlers becomes less and less. Lee Lakosky is an expert in all things whitetail -- including how to find more shed antlers after the season ends. The owner of this website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to,,,,, or