Customer Experience: Use the Right Metrics

>>>>>>Customer Experience: Use the Right Metrics

Customer Experience: Use the Right Metrics

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Martha Brooke, founder of InterAction Metrics. I immediately sensed a kindred spirit, someone who shares a similar philosophy of what it takes to provide effective customer service.

Our businesses are complimentary to each other. My focus has traditionally been more contact center, and the time the customer interacts with it. Though she has a call center component, her emphasis is on measuring the entire customer journey, including public touchpoints such as the retail experience. She does this by talking to and stepping into the shoes of the customer.

And she is equally frustrated with the misuse of standard outcome based industry metrics.

Use the Right Metrics

Quoting from her blog post, “Customer Experience: Use the Right Metrics”,

“Companies want to give and get value through the customer experience—what are your goals? To deliver proactive customer service? Reduce customer support calls? Increase customer loyalty? Sell more through each customer interaction…

If you’re not achieving your goals for the customer experience, you’re probably not measuring at the correct level; learn what that level is…

Where most companies get it wrong (really wrong) is they spend copious resources tracking the consequences of their customer experience (dashboards, Net Promoter Scores, etc.). But, they (the companies) barely consider the factors that cause those experiences…

For example, after a hotel stay, you might get a survey with the Net Promoter question: “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?” Your answer—if you answer at all—will be a result of your experiences at the hotel. Outcome metrics, whether satisfaction or Net Promoter Scores, allow you to track progress over time. They’re indicators of general performance, but they’re limited. They’re limited because they’re not the tools that will help you to improve…

The customer experience consists of broad factors, such as connection and timing, which break down into smaller elements: the smiles, frowns, word choices, thoroughness of answers, and more. It’s these small elements that you can actually change. Nuanced metrics and methods are the tools that delve into these elements, uncovering your gaps, opportunities, and how to improve….”

Find the Levers That Control the Outcomes

She and her team work with you to find the levers that control the outcome metrics, and measure them. Improve those, and get closer to your goals.

Anyways, I encourage you to read the entire post, and if it looks like she can help, contact her. Martha and her team really care.

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