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Building a Creature (One Muscle at a Time)

I happened across the above video a year or so ago.  Even if you don’t read further, watch it – it’s fun and really interesting.

It was done by computer animation researchers1 attempting to advance the ability to accurately animate creatures for games and movies. Simulating moving creatures, especially humans in a convincing fashion is extremely difficult to do (see uncanny valley).

Previous approaches were based on modeling the joints (like elbow, knee, etc.) of a creature and moving them in concert. The focus […]

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The Rise of the Camera Bots

I’ve been tracking the “Internet of Things” space for a few years now.  There’s incredible hype around this, but especially in the commercial sector, I maintain that the hype will eventually be justified.

The vendors talk as if this is all done and dusted.  However, it’s still early days. As is usually the case, the tech industry is rushing into it, and not in a particularly ordered fashion.   To quote Sun-Tzu, “In the middle of chaos, there […]

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