Building a Creature (One Muscle at a Time)

I happened across the above video a year or so ago.  Even if you don’t read further, watch it – it’s fun and really interesting.

It was done by computer animation researchers1 attempting to advance the ability to accurately animate creatures for games and movies. Simulating moving creatures, especially humans in a convincing fashion is extremely difficult to do (see uncanny valley).

Previous approaches were based on modeling the joints (like elbow, knee, etc.) of a creature and moving them in concert. The focus […]

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The Rise of the Camera Bots

I’ve been tracking the “Internet of Things” space for a few years now.  There’s incredible hype around this, but especially in the commercial sector, I maintain that the hype will eventually be justified.

The vendors talk as if this is all done and dusted.  However, it’s still early days. As is usually the case, the tech industry is rushing into it, and not in a particularly ordered fashion.   To quote Sun-Tzu, “In the middle of chaos, there […]

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Stock Photos and Too Many Elephants

Before putting this website together, I did a survey of other business sites and blogs.  The last time that I did this was about 5 years ago, and it’s striking how much more visual the web world has become.  Pages of text with the occasional picture won’t do anymore.

My daughter, who makes her living as a fantasy illustrator (Kim Sokol Illustration) pitched in on the website styling.  On the Services page, she used some animal pics as placeholders.  And, […]

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Office Anywhere

The last time that I had worked independently was about 12 years ago.  This time around, well, things have changed.  You CAN truly work anywhere.  My office weighs 4 lbs and takes hardly any space in my backpack.

Here’s 5 innovations that have made it possible.

1.  Free, powerful collaboration tools

Set up a video conference with people anywhere in the world.  I do this ALL the time using Google Hangouts, Skype.  I’ve grown to appreciate how important it is to see the person […]

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There are a few times in life where a chance meeting can leave a lasting impression.
In San Diego last year, I was recommended to go to a steak house on Hotel Circle on Wed night.  I was told, “you sound like the kind of person that would really enjoy it…”

For this steak house, decorated in early “Mad Men” in 1960… let’s say ’62, and unchanged since that day, is one of the last “lounges”, where the original old school lounge singers […]

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Ended up with a spare day in San Diego, courtesy of the airline.  After a week away, it wasn’t welcome.  Still, these things happen so you gotta roll with it.  So I rented a car, and headed to the beaches.

The San Diego beaches are always a cool hang, a million miles away from the high tech world of the last week. Walking down Mission Beach, I hear a chorus of shouts of “SLOMO!”  And then, Slomo, an older guy balancing on […]

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Outline Like It’s 1999 (actually 1997..)

I’m addicted to outliners. Can’t do my work without them, and believe me, I’ve tried.

Because it’s not possible to do what I do with linear thought. There’s too many dimensions to the task at hand. You need to continually spin the problem around, flitting from one perspective to another. From person to tech, from user to executive, from the view from space to the particles of soil. The outliner lets me spew first, and mop up later.

Ecco [...]
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And so it begins…

Time for a new blog. I had previously blogged some for a former company – but that was mainly about customer care stuff.

Though I expect this blog will have a technology and product creation bent, it will be about everything in my world, at least initially. Over time, it WILL evolve and a theme will likely emerge. For now, though, it will cover tech trends, music, design, fitness, numbers divisible by 17, the cleverness of raccoons, social connecting, and pretty well […]

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