Last weekend, I went to a birthday celebration for my buddy, Dan, who I first met in grade 7.

Though we both went through Electrical Engineering, he gravitated to power and high voltage, whereas I steadfastly insisted that anything over 24 volts didn’t exist.   With virtually no backing except the support of his wonderful and very patient wife Cathy, he bootstrapped Stein Industries into a successful company.  What is especially impressive is that his is a capital-intensive business – building […]

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Building a Creature (One Muscle at a Time)

I happened across the above video a year or so ago.  Even if you don’t read further, watch it – it’s fun and really interesting.

It was done by computer animation researchers1 attempting to advance the ability to accurately animate creatures for games and movies. Simulating moving creatures, especially humans in a convincing fashion is extremely difficult to do (see uncanny valley).

Previous approaches were based on modeling the joints (like elbow, knee, etc.) of a creature and moving them in concert. The focus […]

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On Repeat

When I hit a time in my career that selling became a key part of my job (and for 3 years, WAS my job), I realized I had to get better at the art of persuasion.  So, my radar is always open to info that can help.

A recent blog post from Bobby Owinski titled Why We Love Repetition in Music, (if you create music, his blog is a must read, BTW), he puts forth that the more a song repeats lyrics, […]

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