Last weekend, I went to a birthday celebration for my buddy, Dan, who I first met in grade 7.

Though we both went through Electrical Engineering, he gravitated to power and high voltage, whereas I steadfastly insisted that anything over 24 volts didn’t exist.   With virtually no backing except the support of his wonderful and very patient wife Cathy, he bootstrapped Stein Industries into a successful company.  What is especially impressive is that his is a capital-intensive business – building […]

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Building a Creature (One Muscle at a Time)

I happened across the above video a year or so ago.  Even if you don’t read further, watch it – it’s fun and really interesting.

It was done by computer animation researchers1 attempting to advance the ability to accurately animate creatures for games and movies. Simulating moving creatures, especially humans in a convincing fashion is extremely difficult to do (see uncanny valley).

Previous approaches were based on modeling the joints (like elbow, knee, etc.) of a creature and moving them in concert. The focus […]

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Stock Photos and Too Many Elephants

Before putting this website together, I did a survey of other business sites and blogs.  The last time that I did this was about 5 years ago, and it’s striking how much more visual the web world has become.  Pages of text with the occasional picture won’t do anymore.

My daughter, who makes her living as a fantasy illustrator (Kim Sokol Illustration) pitched in on the website styling.  On the Services page, she used some animal pics as placeholders.  And, […]

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Greater for Many Reasons!

On a recent drive to Kingston, I saw a sign that said “Town of Greater Napanee.  Greater for Many Reasons

Well, that’s different.

Before I comment further, let me start out by saying that Napanee is a really nice little town with really nice people…

Now, I know that the intent was to play on their name of Greater Napanee (birthplace of Avril Lavigne – the more you know…).  But, c’mon, I can’t imagine I’m the only person who drove by thinking, “Greater for […]

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