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Enterprise Connect, For Real

Recently, I attended Enterprise Connect, the most focused show for Contact Center and Unified Communication.

I’ve been participating in the evolution of the Contact Center, Unified Communication and IT worlds for 15 years. Years of overexposure to hype cycles, marketectures1, premature technology, and “lipstick on a pig” repackaging have left me numb.

This year, Enterprise Connect felt different. Much of what has been hyped forever has, as they say, “crossed the chasm”.  And, there are serious winds of change in the way IT […]

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Amazon Connect – Introducing Lightning

The video in this post shows a demo contact center system that I built.  Okay.  So what?  It’s a contact center system.  Seen it, done it, got the T-Shirt to prove it.

What if I said that it’s built using Amazon Connect, and demonstrates real world midsize enterprise functionality?  A little more interesting, maybe.

What if I told you that, after figuring out what we wanted the demo to be, that the implementation of EVERYTHING IN THE […]

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Amazon Connect – Sample Center Checkpoint

Checkpoint Time

This blog and the Amazon Connect series has been quiet over a few weeks. It’s not because I’ve abandoned my investigation. Quite the opposite, and in fact, I’ve completed the work. My investigation was based on attempting to build a call center that was a modeled after a moderately complex real world customer of mine. Mission accomplished, and much more. There are issues, though.

In the first investigation phase, I wanted to understand what it could do using only […]

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Cloud Telephony Scam – The Dark Side of Easy Tech

The telephony and call center “Platform as a Service” offerings (I’m talking Twillo, Amazon Connect, Plivo, etc), have made it much easier for people to create their own custom call center applications. I’m beginning to wonder if they’ve made it too easy.  I’ve just encountered my first scam built on this tech.

About two weeks ago, I started receiving automated calls every few days from an entity representing themselves as a major Canadian bank. Now, […]

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Amazon Connect – Customer Queue Treatment

In this installment, we’ll take a look at Amazon Connect customer queue treatment.  Put another way, we’ll look at what we can do for/to the customer when they are first placed into the queue, and while they’re waiting in queue.

While in queue, the customer experience is governed by the Customer Queue Flow you chose prior to transferring the call to the queue. 

Audio While In Queue

While they’re in the Customer […]

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Amazon Connect – Queue Basics

We’ve covered the important aspects of call treatment in the IVR, and know everything we need to queue the call so it gets to the right agent.

Well, sort of.  Back when we laid out Our Sample Call Center, there was an item “Routing to queues based on a combination of DID, IVR selection and customer data dip”.  We’ve covered DID handling, IVR selection and customer data dip, but I think it could be pulled together better.  And we […]

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Amazon Connect – Customer Input

Customers don’t really like entering information into an IVR, but you’ll probably need them to do it. Reasons to ask for customer input include:

  • To identify a customer, account, case/ticket number, etc.
  • To verify a customer (enter your PIN, date of birth, etc.)
  • To authorize a credit card for payment card without a human listening in
  • To enter a payment amount

Store Customer Input

The Store Customer Input block performs this function. The customer input is stored in a system variable, so you’ll […]

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Amazon Connect – IVR Menus

In this post, I’ll cover building the core IVR menus. 

Before I go too far, I’d like to point you to my series on call center queues.  In the first two posts, I cover some of the thinking that I use when designing IVR menus (which, of course go hand in hand with the queues).  This stuff is critical, because your IVR will affect your wait times and/or your staffing levels.  

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Amazon Connect – Dialed Numbers (DIDs)

In this post, we’ll tackle DIDs from our sample call center work list, found here.  Doesn’t sound like a big deal, does it? Read on…

What are DIDs?

DID stands for “Direct Inward Dial”.  For our purposes, consider this to be the number(s) that the customer calls to reach your center.  If you want more background, and crave technical accuracy, see the Wikipedia article.

Within Amazon Connect, the DID is referred to as a “Dialed Number”.

DID I Just Do That?

Amazon Connect supports […]

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Amazon Connect – Contact Flows

Time to get busy.  We’ll be starting with Contact Flows, but before we do, I want to make one last comment on initial setup, which I covered in this post.  This post will be on the tech side, so if you’re not IT oriented or you won’t be hands on building the IVR or Queues, see you next time…

Initial Setup Redux

Since initial setup was, well, trivial, I wanted to check what was lost by removing all the flexibility. […]

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