Enterprise Connect, For Real

Recently, I attended Enterprise Connect, the most focused show for Contact Center and Unified Communication.

I’ve been participating in the evolution of the Contact Center, Unified Communication and IT worlds for 15 years. Years of overexposure to hype cycles, marketectures1, premature technology, and “lipstick on a pig” repackaging have left me numb.

This year, Enterprise Connect felt different. Much of what has been hyped forever has, as they say, “crossed the chasm”.  And, there are serious winds of change in the way IT […]

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Amazon Connect – A Call Center Earthquake?

Yesterday, Amazon launched Amazon Connect, a cloud based contact center offering. Voice only, initially available in the northeastern US.  Here’s the press release.

The gap between the vendor’s offerings and effective customer service is in no way closed by Amazon Connect. Saying (and I’m quoting from the main Amazon Connect web page), “the self-service graphical interface in Amazon Connect makes it easy for non-technical users to design contact flows…” And we’ve all heard that promise, from, oh, every call center vendor.

The […]

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Avaya Bankruptcy – What Does It Mean?

On Thursday, Avaya filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, in an attempt to reduce their $6.3 billion debt load.  They will continue to operate during the reorganization, with the intention of reorganizing the business backed by a one year $725 million loan from a Citigroup affiliate.

Taking even more debt on was necessary as suppliers, fearful of Avaya’s ability to pay them, were tightening up payment terms.  When you make hardware, you need your suppliers to deliver.

Call Center is the Problem Child

The major […]

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Tell Me a Story (John Lasseter Business Edition)


Now, wait a sec.  I realize that I didn’t properly set the context last time (or, in film terms, “establish the scene”) for this particular thread of posts. 

The world that I inhabit often has me acting as liaison between business and technology, gathering the needs of both sides, […]

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Tell Me a Story (Billy Wilder Business Edition)

As I confessed in a prior post (On Repeat), I was not a natural when it came to the art of persuasion.  I shared with my technical brethren a belief that the power of facts would be enough to convince someone that I had a better way.  If someone didn’t agree, I was only 10 facts away from bringing them onside.

This translated to a presentation approach that is referred to in derogatory terms as the “show up and throw up”.  […]

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Tiger or Platypus

In my last post, Building a Creature (One Muscle at a Time), I talked about a creature simulator program that “evolves” such that the simulated creature moves in the most efficient way.  That got me to thinking how businesses evolve to their current state.

In nature, evolution is how a species adapts to be successful in its environment.  Evolution is a funny thing.  For every majestic lion, it creates an aardvark.  For every tiger, a platypus.  […]

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Stock Photos and Too Many Elephants

Before putting this website together, I did a survey of other business sites and blogs.  The last time that I did this was about 5 years ago, and it’s striking how much more visual the web world has become.  Pages of text with the occasional picture won’t do anymore.

My daughter, who makes her living as a fantasy illustrator (Kim Sokol Illustration) pitched in on the website styling.  On the Services page, she used some animal pics as placeholders.  And, […]

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On Repeat

When I hit a time in my career that selling became a key part of my job (and for 3 years, WAS my job), I realized I had to get better at the art of persuasion.  So, my radar is always open to info that can help.

A recent blog post from Bobby Owinski titled Why We Love Repetition in Music, (if you create music, his blog is a must read, BTW), he puts forth that the more a song repeats lyrics, […]

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Call Center Metrics – Lies, Dammed Lies and AHT

Business thrives on metrics.  Because numbers remove ambiguity and allow for clinical decisions.  Now, of course numbers can be misused (“lies, damned lies, and statistics”¹), but for now, let’s sidestep that and talk about numbers being used for good.

Finance Does Metrics Right

Finance metrics all boil down to “how much did this cost and how much did I make?”  Very simple.  Since money is involved, you had better believe that the backup is there to not […]

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And, We’re Live…

My new website, and my new blog home is live.  Since you’re reading this, you know the URL…

Time for a short look back, and a slightly longer look forward.

The historic posts on this blog were ported from old, restricted audience blog site.  The early ones predate my commitment to customer care management consulting, but I’ll let them stand.

Going forward, I’ll be posting a minimum of twice a week.  One post will be about customer […]

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