Amazon Connect – Set Up and First Call

>>>>>>Amazon Connect – Set Up and First Call

Amazon Connect – Set Up and First Call

When I last wrote about Amazon Connect (here), I said that, on paper at least, it looked like it could be a practical option for at least some contact centers.

But, on paper is not the same as in practice. So, it’s time to get my hands dirty. Amazon makes this easy by allowing anyone to spin up an Amazon Connect instance to play with at no cost.

I met with my buddy Igal at a coffee shop yesterday, when our conversation turned to Amazon Connect. Among his many skills, he’s expert in AWS1 (which Amazon Connect is part of). I mentioned that I wanted to play with it, and Igal being who he is, he immediately cracked open his laptop. 5 minutes later, the request to spin up the Amazon Connect instance was made, and it was ready to access in 20.

We poked around looking at the configuration together for about a 1/2 hour, at which time Igal had to head off to pick up his kids. At 4:30, we connected on Hangouts, and carried on our poking around. Claimed a test number for our center, took a look at the user model, played with the IVR builder (“contact flows”), glanced at queues and routing profiles. Did some configuration, largely built on their samples.

First Call

At 5:30, I logged in as Bob T. Agent (middle name The), and the agent desktop application appeared. I dialed the number of our call center, and took our first call.

Not the first call

Amazon Connect Contact Control Panel – not the first call…

That’s 1 1/2 hours from never having touched Amazon Connect to first call, without looking at any documentation.  Given the aggravation that is typically associated with setting up a premise based system, all I can say is…

Didn’t expect THAT.

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